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Bisha Mining

We further developed the Mining Planning Database for a small surface gold mine in Eritrea. Small in the mining World is a startup cost of around $300m and we like to think that we played a part in keeping those costs to a minimum.

Who they are

Bisha Mining is a high-grade gold, copper and zinc mine in western Eritrea, Africa.

They required a database system that could manage not only the quantities of product that they were retrieving from the mines, but also a way of managing the whole process, including plant and vehicle models, usage and reports, daily, weekly and monthly overall reports, and a huge amount of other features.

Bisha approached us about our 'Mining Planning Database' software after one of their Chief Mining Planner, who had used our system before for one of the Newmont Mining projects and was impressed with how in-depth and easy-to-use it was.

Installing the system

The Mining Planning Database system was installed towards the start of the mine's lifetime. The system was installed by our Web
and Application Developer Nigel, on site in Eritrea over a period of nearly 4 weeks.

During this period Nigel installed the system, and gave the main users of the system detailed training on how to use it, and how to troubleshoot any minor issues.

Latest News

Bisha Mining have now been using the system for just over a year now, and have found it to be very easy to use, and just what they required.

Nigel will be heading out to Eritrea again in the coming months to train one of their staff to become a Mining Planning Database master.

How we could help you

If you run a mining company, and require a system to track and manage every aspect of the mine, we can assist you in setting up the system, training your staff, and then giving you all the support that you require.

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