Sales tool for targeting estate agents

We made good use of Google Maps, our estate agent database and INEA's property portal to create this nice tool

INEA has been a client of ours since 2005 and is the Britain's leading property MLS (Multi Listing Service) portal.  We needed to develop a marketing tool to spread the message to some of the Estate Agents when we only had their name, post code and email address. 

Imagine that you are Estate Agent and one morning you recieve an email asting if you would be interested in joint selling 17 properties that are within a 10 mile radius of your office.  There is a link on the email that takes you to a page with summary details of the 17 properties that are available and as an agent of long standing, you recognise some of them as familiar...

This is precisely what we did for INEA and, not surprisingly, this highly targetted email marketing acheives a 35% response rate.....everybody was interested.

Being able to plot your data onto a Google map makes it real and useable in all sorts of ways. 



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