The Denaploy Group of Companies


TheDevTeam, a combination of Denaploy IT and Tinit, is a software house based in the South East of England, specialising in bespoke software and data visualisation for a broad range of industries from mining to your typical e-commerce sites.

Denaploy Manuals

Denaploy Manuals create high quality digital O&M manuals for the construction industry. When any significant building work is undertaken within the UK, it is a legal requirement that an O&M manual be provided as part of the building's Health & Safety documentation. Our online system co-ordinates and compiles sub-contractor's O&M manuals into a single searchable digital format for the building facility manager's ease of use.

Eclipse Miningware

Eclipse Miningware is a production tracking and reporting system for your mines supported by a software team that has a deep understanding of mining operations from years of experience.

About Denaploy

Denaploy was formed with the goal of helping businesses make full use of growing opportunities that the internet brought and over the years we have helped found several successful companies (and a few less successful ones from which we arguably learned more!).

Formed in 1989 we have seen the internet grow from a basic nerdy club where we had to convince business that this was a real opportunity, to a mainstream component of every company.

Today we are still looking out to the new horizons where technology gets turned into profit – data analytics, search technology, distributed ledger systems, and most recently ‘Artificial Intelligence’ or more accurately – machine learning.

We are not trying to be the inventors of new stuff; but at the point where existing tools that have been created by massive teams (Microsoft, Google etc), can be applied to real world problems and deliver serious results.

Other businesses that we have helped to get off the ground


Fish4Flies started it's life back in 2001 as a fly fishing CD named 'Flybox', documenting thousands of classic patterns sourced from hundreds of keen fly fishermen.

Flybox was rebranded as Fish4Flies in 2005 and was turned into an online fly fishing store selling flies based on this hudge library of patterns.

Unique Magazines

With our experience in the online magazine distribution world, we are pleased to be working with Unique Magazines, a leading online UK magazine distributor.

TheDevTeam project manage and develop magazine software systems to support new features and business growth.

Graham Bishop

Graham Bishop is a key voice and consultant on European integration.