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Method of pricing
For well-defined projects we are happy to provide a fixed price quote for meeting objectives, with stage payments at agreed milestones.

If the project is more open ended we will work on an hourly rate and provide access to a collaboration tool that enables the client to track costs in detail and request work

In providing an hourly rate we recognise that it begs the question ‘how much can you get done in an hour?’

With over 15 years of experience we have built libraries of software code and tools that we are comfortable with using which can solve software problems that a less experienced team will waste days failing to solve. Our aim is to create elegant solutions that are sufficiently well documented to enable a fellow professional to follow the logic. We also work closely with clients to make sure that the output does not drift away from the brief as we get into the detail. (See our Agile Manifesto)

Hourly rate

  Standard Rates

  Normal work


  scheduled in 2-3 weeks

  Priority work


  scheduled in 1-2 working days



  to be done ASAP including out-of-hours

Normal business hours are 9.00am to 6.00 Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

Under a long term, on-going business arrangement, we are prepared to discount our standard rates – please ask.

Method of working
We have implemented a service that tracks all outstanding work requests and the time spent on each of them.  This is accessible both by us and by our clients, and becomes a key part of the process for tracking progress and setting priorities for work undertaken.